Do you need to change your jewellery now you’ve changed your hair colour?


What’s the answer?    Short answer is –  Yes….and No.


Changing your hair colour merely means adapting what you have and introducing a few newbies along the way.  The rules you once followed have virtually flipped.

I recently changed from this…13007293_1012033552185422_3916654264934991546_n



To this!13055442_1012033635518747_245776323841407956_n



This is quite a dramatic change so it means that my lighter coloured earrings are getting lost in my hair, BUT only when its down.  So I shall wear them when my hair is pulled back and put up.


And I love the look of long chandelier style earrings like these being worn with hair pulled back.12_ACFA3W5y_c gorgeous-messy-ponytail

It really showcases your face and your statement jewellery, bringing them to the forefront and even becoming a conversation piece.

Bohemian bead tassel gold chandelier earrings in white Metal filigree teardrop shape chandelier earrings in cream Brushed metal earrings in copper silver gold in triangle style Cats eye bead silver earrings grey

Yellow olive and black statement earrings

So now my dark and black earrings that I could only wear when my copper red hair was up, I can now wear with my hair up or down. If you have darker coloured hair and wear a darker earring it will blend more into your hair. But if that is the look you are after, something subtle, then by all means wear them with your hair down.  If they have a shine to the metal or gems to add sparkle, then they will still stand out slightly at night time events.

Smokey blue metal painted earringsTassel earrings with gold filigree in wine redVintage style bronze chandelier earrings with clear stone03f0c4c2f02266e4ee52ef23a2e04290


However, now that my hair is lighter, it is empowering me to wear some vibrant coloured earrings and necklaces.  It also depends on what look you are wanting to achieve as well as your individual style as well as if it is a special event or just for everyday wear.


Bohemian layered necklace with beads, cords, rhinestones in multicoloured Reverse ball earring in double gem covered balls in multicoloured Naja necklace in tri colours red, pink and light coral Metal filigree teardrop shape chandelier earrings in red


The main thing to remember with your hair colour and jewellery is that if you find you love a pair of black earrings and you have dark hair, buy them anyway and wear them with your hair up. Vice versa with blonde and lighter hair. Snap those light earrings up and flip your hair into a messy bun and be on your way.




Check out these celebrities, they have stylists so they know what to do.


0c04ed587a6064e55a99fec30da5678d Cheryl Cole upstyle download


It is all about playing and experimenting and having fun with jewellery.


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