What does Mum want?

Ask yourself this.  Does she want an appliance?  Nope! 

Does she want some pamper time?  Probably (I certainly would!!!)  

So why not send her to a pamper session with a new pair of earrings or a sparkly new necklace.  Its nice to have an experience but it is also nice to have something to keep.  And I don’t know about you, but those glossy leaflets in my letterbox showing vacuums, kettles and shiny saucepans, give me the grumbles.  They represent work and that isn’t something I want to be reminded of on a day that we should all be showing and saying to our Mum, ‘we love you and we are thankful for all you do for us’. 

So this Mothers Day, show mum how much.  You don’t need to spend a fortune, as the gifts with the most thought put into it, mean the most.  Ask yourself, What is her favourite colour?  What does she like to wear?  Pick something that is truly Mum in your eyes. 

I love my Mum to bits.  She is my everything. 


Statement Earrings


Statement Necklaces


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