Tassels are (still) in and are here to stay for some time. If you haven’t hopped on the tassel trend, then what are you waiting for?
Personally I am addicted to them, as I love the feel of them, the slinkiness and sexiness it can bring to your look.

Alimayu fringed bright bohemian african inspired necklace and earring set

This necklace and earring set is totally OTT but that is why I am in love with it.
Released only recently, I suspect there will be many lusting after it.
Called the ‘Alimayu’ necklace, it is simply spectacular




Which tassel do I choose?

There are so many options and to be honest, when you wear tassels, you can’t help but feel a bit spesh.  They feel great to wear, look amazing with just about everything and come in heaps of colours and lengths.


If you are just starting out onTilley long gold necklace with chain tassel and pendant in grey the tassel venture, then maybe it is safe for you to start with a long tassel necklace?

At Empayah,  custom orders for a tassel necklace or tassel earrings, with your very own choice of tassels and colour, is an option I have. Choose a beaded necklace, a handsewn chestplate or lots of tassels (or one) on a chain. Love the possibilities. Message me at enquiries@empayah.com for quotes.




Give them a haircutTassel earrings with gold conicals in bright blue

If you want some tassel earrings but think they are too long, then try giving them a haircut.  I do it all the time.  I tidy up the bottoms with a quick trim, or if I want to change the look, I’ll give it a really good hair cut.  Don’t be too afraid, but it is always best to do little bits at a time so you don’t end up with little stubbs.


Alternatively, there is a stunning range of smaller tassel earrings and I personally own 3 pairs already!!

Long gold chain hook tassel earrings in black Gold long hook earrings with tassel in teal greenGold long single chain tassel earring in pinkGold long hook earrings with tassel in royal blue

So you have seen them for a while now.

Not sure if they are you right?

YES they are, so try them out…Now!

Email me at enquiries@empayah.com for custom orders.

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