The 2016 jewellery trends featured on the runways and catwalks of the likes of Milan, New York and Paris are not that different to what we have been seeing except for one thing.

Minimalism is out and MORE is in and it is the new black!

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Piling on your jewellery is on trend and its starting to look like a lot of fun.  You don’t have to ditch your old jewellery, you only need to add to your collection with some bold pieces to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Here is just how you can do that.


  1. Boho earrings

Kofi bohemian tribal gold chandelier earrings in jade green Juba bohemian red and gold chandelier earring Unika gold teardrop chandelier earrings in white Bohemian bead tassel gold chandelier earrings in light blue

These spiritual babies are all year worthy and are timeless. Choose the style that suits your shape face, whether they are single drop or oversized shoulders ticklers.

With these Autumn/Winter 2016 jewellery trends, try teaming them with a cute denim mini shirt dress over black tights with kickass boots.


Now this is not to say your oversized or statement earrings are out.  Keep reading down the page for more.


  1. Bangles

Stacking bangles is still a hit, but the idea this season is to choose bangles and bracelets that not only look great layered, but also sing on their own.  Find those that are just as special on their own.

Hollowed out gold wide bangle Square metal sparkle bangle in gold and silver Reina sparkly bangle in gold Gold rainbow sparkly bangle

Try some of the lightweight filigree cuffs with the fine Tree of Life bracelets and thin Valentina shimmery bangles at Empayah.  You will be amazed at just how good it looks.

Tree of life silver braceletThin sparkly silver bangle in silver Purple and gold bangles Silver and gold intertwined bangle


  1. Necklaces

STATEMENT. Don’t ever forget that with this seasons jewellery.  2016 jewellery trends for necklaces, are bigger, brighter and bolder than ever and layering a few of the small to medium sized ones to create your individual style is even better!


These necklace are completely OTT but you can incorporate their basic principals.



Gold is a big trend this Autumn and Winter and if you haven’t ventured into wearing gold, then I urge you to have a go this season.  Look at these gorgeous pieces!

Rhinestone encrusted feather metal choker in gold Snakeskin embossed collar style choker full pic Ornate gold and bright coloured gems bib style choker Kanti choker style chestplate necklace in bright antique gold with coins


Don’t be afraid to try this trend, it only takes a little bit of playing around with necklaces of different lengths, similar metal colours and complimentary colours and ta daaa, your done!


Here are some of the necklaces you can team together for a start…

Boho long fringe turquoise and gold bead necklace in silverWide silver choker necklace ORBellatrix baroque style statement gemstone necklace in light teal blueNaja necklace in tri colours cobalt, turquoise and blue



  1. Statement earrings

Metal filigree teardrop shape chandelier earrings in red Blue and gold geometric bright earrings in gold Pearl and white with antique gold chandelier earrings Brushed metal earrings in copper silver gold in geometric style

Yay! They are here to stay.  I really don’t think they ever go out of fashion.  It was only last night at a function that I wore an handmade Swarovski crystal pair I had made 8 years ago, and I was asked more than a handful of times if I could make more.


Now I’m not saying you need to wear these lemons from Dolce and Gabbana, but it is time to give the _DOL0489bigger earrings a try.  If you are worried about the weight, be sure to look for the large lightweight ones and you can always email me about what are the lightest ones I have.






Like these beauties.  They actually tick 3 boxes – Oversized boho hoop circle earrings in gold and teal

1 – boho

2- Oversized and statement

3 – super lightweight.




The great thing about all of these trends, that you can combine two or more of them because…

‘More is the new black’

winking emojo

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