Bracelets bangles cuffs

Bracelets bangles cuffs

Bracelets bangles cuffs can completely make your look.  Sometimes overlooked or forgotten, it is actually an essential item for your jewellery collection.

Empayah stocks and sells a large range of  both bangles and bracelets.  Solid chunky acrylic bangles and casual stretch bracelets are always popular in the warmer months.

New pieces are added every month, and I recommend visiting as often as you can.  As I stock mainly 1 of each piece, once it has sold, it will no longer be available.

Evening bangles with a bit of bling, always sell well around the middle to the end of the year for balls, formals and events.

Casual or formal, regardless of your style, you will be sure to find something at Empayay.

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