How you feel is seen by all.

“I have four bracelets that I wear pretty much every day. They look amazing together and were given to me by my husband. They didn’t cost a fortune but I adore them. I never knew how much until one day my mother in law told me that she was putting our baby to bed, when I walked down the hallway. Our nine month old was almost asleep but despite the fact that he could not see me, sat up when I walked by. Why? Because he heard my bracelets tinkering and knew Mummy was nearby.” S.Granger – Sunshine Coast


Jewellery isn’t a defibrillator and it won’t save a life. However, it is important because of how it makes you feel.

John Lennon once said quote-for-our-last-number-i-d-like-to-ask-your-help-would-the-people-in-the-cheaper-seats-clap-your-john-lennon-246759


Times have changed a lot since we lost the iconic singer/song writer. Now most of us (thanks to fashion jewellery), can all afford to “rattle”. And what a difference that has made.

music memory

Jewellery is similar to perfume and music.  When you wear it/hear it, you are reminded of a time gone by, or a person.  For all of my friends and family who wear the jewellery I give them, they always remark how that item reminds them of me.

It is a perfect gift that gives forever, it gives you memories.



Why bother with jewellery?


It’s not just about appearance, it’s about the way you feel when you wear it.

If you got up this morning and checked your weight and bank balance and one was higher than it should be and the other was lower, that can make for a lousy start to the day where you aren’t feeling too fabulous.

That is when it is the perfect time to wear your favourite outfit and team it with a striking piece of jewellery, whether it be a statement necklace or statement earrings.  It is all about the ‘feel good affect’ it has on you.

Do you know what Jewellery does?  Jewellery can transform all of that. It can make you feel;

  • HappyRoses set of bracelets pinkKite shaped studs in hot pink
  • Sexy
  • Confident
  • Classy
  • Fashionable
  • New and fresh


What wearing fashion jewellery doesn’t do?  It certainly doesn’t make you feel;

  • Fat
  • Frumpy
  • Old
  • Out of touch


The emotions around wearing fashion jewellery is bigger than you realise.

It is also a conversation starter. Jewellery is something women often complement each other on, so it’s a natural way to start a conversation.

It can help establish connections by either someone complimenting you or you complimenting someone else. I love it when I am buying groceries, and the checkout operator compliments me on my earrings.  I say ‘why thank you, I sell these’ and then proceed to either give her a business card or scribble down Empayah on a blank piece of register roll.  Then we get chatting about jewellery and it brings a bit of interest to both of our days.  *Note – I’ve worked in retail for over 15 years so loved it when people actually chatted to me instead of brushing me off.

A winking, smiling emoticon

Now, jewellery isn’t high on the list of national priorities. It isn’t brain surgery and nobody is going to war over it. But it can change the way you feel about yourself.  Which in society today, is super important.  Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, comfortable and confident is a good thing in my books!

So let’s all start the day with a bit of bling from Empayah, to bring a smile to your face and some eye candy for others.

Cats eye bead silver earrings blue Tribal black and tan beaded necklace blueBlack and silver earringsSnakeskin embossed collar style choker in silver

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