Choosing the right earrings to suit your face is easier than ever before, with the broad range of earrings now available.

And it shouldn’t be that hard either.

The first thing to do is to work out what shape face you have.  Compare yours to the chart below.

How to find your face shape

Or if that is too extreme, then just choose the shape that resembles your face outline.

Now these are guidelines only, and there are very few faces that are shaped exactly like the ones on the chart.


What is most important to figure out is:

Is yours:  longer, shorter or medium in length.
Is yours: narrower or broader in width.
Is yours more angular or curved in appearance.
Is yours balanced (similar width at both forehead and jaw) or unbalanced (either forehead or jaw wider)

Face shapes 1Long and narrow, angular –Rectangle
Long and narrow, curved – most likely an Oblong
Medium length, and width, angular – Triangle
Medium length and width, curved – Oval
Medium length and width but more pointed forehead and chin – Diamond

Short in length, curved – Round
Short in length, angular – Square
Medium in length, broad at chin – triangle or if more curved in shape – Inverted triangle
Medium in length, broad at forehead, narrow or pointed chin – Heart


I hope this gives you an idea of what shape you are.

Now – which earrings to choose?

Earrings can help to balance your face, especially your chin and jaw as well as the length of your face.  As far as length goes, they say to avoid earrings that fall past the end of your chin but I say wear what you love and wear what expresses your individuality and personality.

To check out the whole range, visit the earrings tab.

Large angularHoops shape face (1)Angular dropsWider chandelierDrops with curvesSmaller curved studs


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