Girls need accessories. It’s that simple.

Why? Because accessories like jewellery are the perfect finishing touches to many of our outfits. Like icing on a cake.

It also helps that there are a broad range of jewellery styles available at Empayah so you can select pieces that cater to your personal style.

That being said, there’s one piece of jewellery we find hard to look past—the attention-grabbing statement necklace.

Blue and green tear drop gem tiered statement necklace 2

It is here to stay so get on it ladies.


If you haven’t already checked out the Empayah range, then consider these 5 reasons as to why you should and why you should be buying and wearing statement necklaces:


  1. They make fabulous gifts

Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  A statement necklace is a outstanding gift that you can give someone to show your  appreciation and love for them. When choosing a statement necklace, be sure to facestalk the receiver to pick the perfect one to suit their personal style. It is the one time, facestalking is appropriate.

 Black and white statement gemstone necklace with moonstone gems on black ropeNaja necklace in tri colours green, turquoise and mint greenIzadora statement chestplate necklace on bustZiva beaded necklace in purple and gold


  1. Creates conversations

Feel anxious if you catch peRomantic soft pink, white and spearmint rhinestone statement necklace styled 1ople looking at you?  Don’t be. Chances are your necklace caught their eye. There is nothing better when someone starts the conversation with, ‘I love your necklace’. A great ice breaker at dinners and parties or even networking events.






  1. Living up to their nameHelena statement necklace 2

The word ‘statement’ wouldn’t be identified with this type of necklace if it didn’t have an impact.  These necklaces give you the visual expression of your personality and who you are. It can tell a story without uttering a word.




  1. The icing on the cake

Of course I had toBellatrix baroque style statement gemstone necklace in light teal blue fashion pic rehash this part. EVERYONE has been there, your outfit feels unfinished and you need that one statement piece to put it all together. I know you know what I mean.

The statement necklace has the ability to instantly solve your outfit dilemma and give your look it was missing.




  1. They’re awesome to wear and are fun!

Time to have fun with your wardrobe, spice it up a little or a LOT. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colours. These necklaces are dynamic, spirited and traject your personality. Oh, and next time you plan on posing for the camera or your own personal selfie—share the spotlight and throw one on.

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