When I was growing up, I was a girl guide.  trefoil-plain

We were always taught to be prepared, so where did my training go this past weekend???


I was at a new hair and beauty salon opening which started mid afternoon.  It was scheduled to end late afternoon, so cool, I dressed for the theme and the time.

I mingled with the beautiful people, admiring their locks and their makeup.  I oo’ed and ahh’ed at the gorgeous organic products they stocked and was totally mesmerised by the set up.  As the afternoon wore on, it was clear that the celebrations weren’t about to end anytime soon, so it was suggested to continue in the wine bar around the corner.


Oh crap…was my first thought.  If only I had of worn that outfit or if only I had popped on those shoes I would be set.  But, there wadownloads actually nothing wrong with my dress or shoes.  If only I had a crown…ok, a bit of an exaggeration, not a crown but some pretty fine bling to step it up a notch.



I am kicking myself for not having my jewellery emergency kit in the car.  I am kicking myself for cleaning guy_getting_kicked_in_the_butt_hg_clrout my car…ok ok…for my partner cleaning out my car ( which I am VERY grateful for, thank you honey!!!) but still, I am kicking myself for not putting that essential kit BACK IN THE CAR!!! What was I thinking?


I tell you what I was thinking, I was thinking it was time I made a checklist of all the things I needed to put back in my car including my jewellery kit.


Long story short, I went home.


No wine bar, no social chit chat and all because I had forgotten my training and I WASN’T prepared.  Had I have done the Girl Guide thing, I would have been rocking a statement necklace or some chandelier earrings or even both.

So remember ‘BE PREPARED’.  Restock and rotate your in car Jewellery emergency kit and MAKE SURE IT IS IN YOUR CAR!!!

No one wants to drink wine alone.1413798717575_wps_44_A_stock_photo_of_Overflow8izKK9gxT



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