Look we know that jewellery isn’t an emergency (okay we sort of know this) but it can be the difference between feeling fantastic or having a really bad day.

Imagine this. You are on the way to meet your high school friends. You were close once but now thanks to jobs, kids and life you only see each other once a year. It’s going to be a hell of a night.

But time got away from you and you had to rush. Thirty minutes into the drive, you realise that despite flawless makeup, a vintage dress and killer heels, you completely forgot your jewellery.Freaked out face


You slept in and had to rush getting to work. You pull into the carpark and realise that you aren’t wearing any jewellery and today you are interviewing for an assistant.


Portrait of young female with bright surprise emotion - over white background


You brought clothes to go out in after the gym but you’ve just showered and realised that you forgot to pack your jewellery.Oh dear face

This has happened to all of us at one time or another. But it doesn’t have to be a disaster. The answer is to keep some spare jewellery in the car.



It is; practical, time efficient and saves you from feeling uncomfortable, underdressed or unfinished.

The jewellery doesn’t have to be your very best pieces, just some basics that you may have doubles of or don’t get to wear too often. And, if you do it right, then the pieces you choose will go with any outfit!



If you are gold aligned or silver aligned then this exercise is super simple.

Earrings: Gold/silver studs or hoops

Silver hoops patterenedGold hoops patterned

Reverse double ball studs bling ball style silver

Reverse double ball studs bling ball style gold







Wrist wear: Gold/silver set of fine bangles with black– wear as a large group or just a few for a delicate look.

Infinity bracelet silver    Infinity bracelet gold    Set of 6 bangles black


Rings: now you can either go gold, silver but black is a good saviour as it goes with both.

Silver and grey gem ring       Silver and grey gem ring       Silver and grey gem ring


Necklace: stick with something fine and classic.  A fine to medium link plain chain.

Silver grey and black snake chain necklace       Rose and yellow gold snake chain necklace       Red gold and black snake chain necklace



The best way to store your jewellery is in either zip lock bags separately or organza/velvet pouches.                                          velvet jewellery pouch organza bag

Place all your items in a compact soft cosmetic style bag, in the boot of your car or in the centre console of the car.centre console

The glove box is not advisable due to affect heat can have on the jewellery. Also if your car does get broken into, it’s the first place thieves will look.

The key is to keep your kit hidden (you don’t want to make your jewellery visible and actually attract thieves).

In essence an emergency jewellery kit may not save your life and it may only come in to play once or twice a year, but believe me, you’ll feel fresher, more put together and it could turn a bad day into a very good one.

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